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Bringing home the new puppy



They are eating Original Hills Science Diet for Large Breed Puppies, approximately ¾ -1 cup, 2-3 times a day.   It’s much better to feed a set amount than to leave out an “all you can eat buffet”.  Akitas, because they are deep chested dogs, can constrict their stomach which is miserable and can be fatal.  So, even as adults, 2 small meals are better than unlimited or 1 large meal.


If you switch food type, give ½ and ½ for several days and taper off the Hills Science Diet to keep the pup from having an upset stomach and runny stools.   Puppy food, not adult dog food, is very important as it provides the nutrients they need for healthy growth.  Check with your vet, later on, to see when to switch your pup to adult dog food.



2 panaceur deworm treatments, completed ___________.   Heartworm pill will continue protection.

Flea/tick treatment applied ____________ & will last approx 3 1/2-4 weeks.

1st immunization at home at 6 wks

2nd immunization DHLPPC (includes Parvo) at vet on ______________


Puppies are still developing resistance to illness & disease.  They DEFINITELY need additional immunizations. With each immunization, resistance is built.  Until all immunizations are complete, take extra care.   Animals in the home need to be current on vaccinations and they should be the only animals  that young puppies are exposed to.  Parvo can be fatal for puppies.  It is spread in animal stools and is very easy to come in contact with, especially in public areas like parks.    



You may want to use a crate at night and when you aren’t home.  You can use it to house train since the pup won’t want a “messy den” and will try its best to wait and go outside.


They sleep in a crate at night their last week here.  Their schedule, here, is outside 1st thing, then eat right away and that sends them immediately outside to the bathroom again.  Since things will be different in their new homes, they will take time to adjust.  So, when they are inside, it’s a good idea to make frequent trips outside and to have puppy pads or newspaper down for a while in case of accidents.


A large wire crate is a good option, even as they grow up.  Many people use them, as their space, and when they can’t be watched.   Some recommend feeding in the crate and leaving them there for 15-20 mins after, so they don’t play too hard & constrict their stomachs. If you use that practice, they will need a quick trip outside right before or after eating, especially now, while they are so young.    



I work with them individually each day.  They are playful, jumping, and chewing, especially with their littermates.  They will need more training in their new homes to develop their “people personalities and behaviors” and to know what is expected.   Chew toys are a must to keep them from chewing everything else.




 My dog wears shoes in his mouth.  Sandra, age 3                                                                  




It is a good idea to gently roll your puppy on its back and rub its stomach.  It is a submissive position for a dog, and it reminds them that they are to be submissive to you.


Akitas aren’t aggressive, but they are protective.  Most Akitas bark very little, and usually, to let you know about something, to tell you they need to go outside, or to alert you.  When you are home, Akitas take your lead on whether a visitor is welcome. When you aren’t home, they may assume visitors aren’t welcome.


Akitas should learn to be with children while they are puppies.  But, no dog should be left alone with children.     If teased or an accident occurs, the Akita could respond strongly or just play too roughly.  Children should be taught to respect the Akita and to treat it well, no teasing or hitting.  Akitas love their families and they may feel protective when other children come to play.  The Akita can view rough play as a threat to their own child so take care.


We’ve always heard not to bother a dog when it is eating.  To help avoid food aggression, it is recommended to bother the puppy some.  It needs to know that we provide the food and are the boss of the food, not the other way around.   Still, it’s best to keep visitors and other animals away until all food has been eaten.


Akitas shed twice a year and brushing with a furminator type brush helps.

Akitas do not typically do well with small animals such as birds, rabbits and cats.  If introduced while the Akita is a puppy though, they adjust.  Opposite genders work best with more than one dog.  If same gender dogs together, neutered males and spayed females work best.   If you have another animal in the house, ensure that the Akita has his own water and food bowl, his own toys, his own bed, etc.





Dogs are like babies because when you take them out for walks, everyone has to stop and tell you
they’re cute.  Greg, age 9    
My mom told me to take a catnap, but I took a dog nap instead.  A dog nap is when you sprawl out
on the rug in the living room and people trip over you.    Trevor, age 7           





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